Monday, May 25, 2009

We've gone to Lancaster

You heard right, the boys and I loaded up and flew to Lancaster to visit daddy. On Saturday, I couldn't take it anymore and I booked us some tickets. We were in CA by Sunday afternoon. We flew in to Long Beach, CA. What a FUN airport!! We were at the VERY back of the plane and I was prepared to be the last off. NOPE! We were able to unload from the back of the plane right on to the tarmac!!! We thought it was REALLY cool!! Then, guess where the baggage claim is??? OUTSIDE!!! YUP! the baggage claim was outside with a nice little cafe. I really felt like I was on vacation. We were picked up by Bob and Aunt Nancy.
The boys fell into IMMEDIATE love with her. From there we headed to lunch and then off to the beach. At least for a stroll and a chance to get our feet wet.
Ben couldn't take his eyes off the water!!!
Running from the waves!!!

That's the UP blimb for the new Disney movie, the boys thought it was pretty cool.
Happy to be with daddy!!!!

More to come, we're here for 4 DAYS!!!!

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