Sunday, September 2, 2012

A visit to the Sequioas aaannnndddd more Borlands

WAY back in January we headed over to the Sequioa's. There was a free day at the National Parks so we thought we'd take advantage of it. There was construction traffic so we got out to stretch our legs after riding up the winding roads that I blogged about SOOOO many months ago :)
 We always enjoy the hike down to the General Sherman....but....not always the hike back up to the car. It was on this hike that I believe Bob took Daniel on his back and at one point also had Sierra. I was lagging behind, as always, and a comment was made by someone going down about what an amazing dad he was.  Yup!! I sure think so.

 Trying to show of the enormity of the beautiful trees. it's almost impossible to show their magnificence.
 Sierra hiding in a tree that had been struck by lightning.
 Yet another attempt at trying to show how ginormous these trees are!
After our little jaunt through the Sequioas, we headed over to San Jose to visit Bob's brother Steven and his family.
Sierra and Seth,
it's hard to get a pic of them because they're always running around playing.
 Andrew and Dylan
 Dylan Andrew and Hazel

Ben decided to get in on the fun

 Benjamin and Hazel

 Dylan snuggling with Daniel

Thanks Steven and Jen for letting us just drop in unannounced

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