Thursday, September 27, 2012


Daniel's birthday was the day before school started. I felt so bad, I was so focused on getting the boys ready for the new school year, I felt like I was forgetting about him. Good thing it was only his
First Birthday.
We were able to celebrate with some friends who also have their birthdays the week before school started. Thanks Petersons and Millers!
 The bday cakes! Janna's fabulous at making yummy cakes. I made the #1, we actually didn't even eat it until later.
 There's a tradition of SCREAMING the happy birthday song. Daniel wasn't to sure what to think of all the noise.
 We let him "open" a present early, a little pool and slide combo. He and all the kids loved it! (now we didn't have to worry about him trying to get into the big pool!)
 Enjoying that birthday cake!
 We celebrated as a family on his actual day. The kids couldn't wait for him to wake from his nap so that he could open his presents!
 Then it was time to dig in to HIS cake! What a MESS!!

Happy Birthday Daniel! You are SOOOO much fun! I can't believe how happy you are! What a joy you are to our family. Always making us laugh with your antics and driving mommy crazy climbing on everything!
We Love you Daniel! it's been a fun year! can't wait for many, many more.

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