Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sierra turns 2!!!

I can't believe I haven't put up pictures yet of Sierra's birthday! Our sweet little girl turned 2 in March. We celebrated very simply with pizza, cake, ice cream and she invited one little friend over.
 She LOVED/S her trampoline! how amazing one just for her!. We had balloons on it, then they popped and she is now terrified of balloons, always afraid they'll pop.
 Grammy got her these AMAZING fruits and veggies that Velcro! We LOVE them!
 Her little buddy Austin Bankhead
 Everyone playing with her new food. i love how her brothers enjoy playing with her toys as much as she does.

 Singing happy birthday

 Getting her birthday hug :)
Sierra is our sweet sweet little girl. She was 35' tall at her 2 year appt. Perfect height for Disneyland:) She's into everything girly and pink! Loves her big brothers and is so proud of her baby brother. Drawing and coloring is what she loves to do and I've found several drawings on the walls. Whatever Ben and Andrew can do, she thinks she can do too.:) She'll play cars with the boys, but only if they're pink or purple. She loves her princesses but hasn't come up with a favorite yet. She's loving nursery and we have no problems with her wanting to go.
We love our Sierra and so happy she has joined our family. It wouldn't be complete without her.

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