Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Before school started we were able to head to the beach for the day with friends. The kids LOVE the beach! they love digging in the sand

Running away from the waves.....A HUGE favorite of Andrew and Benjamin.

Then Ben decided it was even better to let the waves splash around him.  This scared Andrew, he was SO worried about Ben being washed out to sea. Maybe I shouldn't have told them that it happened to their dad when he was younger.

 Daniel just enjoyed being free and able to roam!
 My attempt to get a picture of my boys. And Daniel's first experience with the waves. He didn't like them at first, yet later, I had to keep a close eye on him....he was heading to the water any chance he had!

My babies at the beach!

 My first baby that didn't mind the sand!
 even in his mouth!!

 Daniel and Sierra enjoyed crawling in and out of the holes the bigger kids had dug.

 Ben enjoyed being buried in the sand

 Aiden and Sierra chillin' in a hole, right after she got out a big wave came and drenched Aiden.
 Austin and Sierra playing in the sand, not many pics of Austin, he wasn't enjoying himself to much
Good Bye Summer!

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