Friday, August 10, 2012

Splash Park Fun

We've been having a lot of fun this summer playing with friends. We made ourselves a 'bucket' list and it actually helped us to have fun. By having a list of what they wanted to do this summer, I made sure we scheduled time to do them.
This was one of those...a visit to the splash pad at a new favorite park.
They're under there some where!
 After it dumps, then all of the other 'fountains' explode! Here's Ben....
 And Andrew....
 Daniel even loved it...he kept trying to be brave and crawl in the water. This was after he got splashed from the bucket.

 Andrew, Abby, and Daniel "protecting" themselves from the bucket
And why there's no pictures of Sierra in the water, she spent her time at the picnic tables with Austin playing their favorite game.....let's slap the table and laugh and laugh!

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