Friday, January 1, 2010

Sequoia National Park

Bob and I love getting out and enjoying what there is to do around where we're living. Thankfully, so do the boys. So, for our anniversary this year Bob took a few days off of work and we headed to Sequoia National Park, about an hour from Bakersfield. We had a BLAST! The scenery was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! While driving there we couldn't even fathom where the giant trees could be! It was still really deserty all the way into the park. Not at all like the National Parks in WA we used to visit. Little did we know that the giant Sequoias only grow at a certain elevation and so we still had to get high enough up. Andrew got car sick on the way back down, you drop several thousand feet in about 45 min. and it takes that long because of the switch backs. Then, Ben got sick the next day....BEFORE we even got to the switch backs! I think Bob had a little too much fun. Here are the boys and I on a BIG giant rock.

This is how big the base of the Sentinel is.

And here are the boys at what would be the tip if it were laying down.

And here are the boys infront of the Sentinel. That's one BIG tree. But not the biggest!!!

Here they are getting a chance to check out the bark of a Sequoia. It's actually really soft.

Bob and the boys infront of a fallen down tree, you can get an idea of how big the trees can get.

We had walked a LONG way and Ben decided it was time for a nap. I think by this point we had walked just over a mile.....a LONG way for a 2 year old!

Me and the boys infront of the largest Sequoia in the world!!

Just another view of the General Sherman.

Andrew decided he was EXHAUSTED. Remember the mile we had walked before, we that was jsut to get DOWN to the tree. Now we had to walk back UP! 1 mile up hill. They're standing on a 'footprint' of the General Sherman.

The second day we decided to do the Crystal Caves. I was a little hesitant, I didn't know how Andrew would react, but he was really excited to go in! He listened VERY intently to what our guide had to say. Especially about the bats. And how I believe about 60% of the parks bats live in this cave.

The boys being cute with daddy.

This was the only room Andrew didn't like, this is where they turned off all the lights and had everyone be REALLY quiet so you could see how DARK it really was in the cave. Andrew stayed REALLY quiet but didn't let go of me and later said he didn't like how dark it was. What a trooper for staying quiet and not crying!

This was his favorite room. They call it the Jaba the Hut room. Can you see why?

On our way out.

Andrew thought that since it was our anniversary, we needed a picture of us together. So, we let him take this one. Not too bad!

They saw this waterfall on the way down to the caves and couldn't wait to go over and see it and get their picture taken. Did I mention that it was a mile down to the cave and this was on our mile hike back out. I'm still amazed at how well our boys do when we take them hiking. Once they hit 2, they're not carried they get to walk. Not because we're mean, it's because it's what they want. And they LOVE it!

Bob and Andrew standing on the Auto Log. You used to be able to drive on it, but after so many driving on it and several years, it's starting to rot.

Bob and the boys standing in a random grove of giant Sequoias. I was surprised that once we got up to the giant trees, I was reminded of WA. I'm glad we bought a pass so that we can go back this summer and go camping.

Driving through the log that has fallen over and is now a tunnel.
We had a great anniversary and can't wait to get back to the Sequoias. I know we missed a lot and will have to do some more exploring this summer when it's 115 here and we can escape to some cooler weather.
Happy Anniversary! What a GREAT 7 years it's been!

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