Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Eve

On christmas eve we all get to open our new pj's. Andrew had been anticipating this ALL week! He was SO excited for his new jammies. He had asked for ones with feet this year. He has to wear them EVERY night. I LOVE IT!
Ben wasn't so excited about it only being jammies in his box. When I asked if he wanted to put them on he told me NO. He did pick these out though. They have race cars on them!!!
He was a little more excited to help daddy though. Daddy and Mommy got USC jammies!

As he saw everyone else get excited about there's and that jammies is what EVERYONE was getting, he decided they weren't too bad and was willing to atleast touch them.

After getting the boys in their pj's we headed over to a friends house for dinner and games. It was A BLAST!! The kids just ran and ran and ran. Ben was just about asleep before we even got home at the LATE hour of 8.
Because I wasn't on top of things this year and a little cookied out, we didn't make Santa any cookies. So Andrew came up with his own ideas. He thought he could give Santa oranges. Besides, Santa gets enough sweets. We helped him find a few other things for the bowl. You know, things WE thought Santa would like.

We ended up with oranges, Kudos bars, and some Lindor Truffles. NOT BAD! Oh and of course Hot Chocolate!!! He was SO excited for christmas. Yet SO tired from playing so hard at the Millers. Both boys CRASHED and slept until a VERY reasonable 7. We may have to do that again.

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Elizabeth C said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!! :) Your boys are sure growing up! :)