Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cookie Mania!

On the last day of school before christmas break we got together with friends and made MASSIVE amounts of sugar cookies. It was a free for all for the kids. Luckily they came and went in waves because there were at least a dozen kids milling around. It sure was a lot of fun though! Andrew and Ben taking there turn. Yes, Ben is on the counter. Like I said, the kids are in charge and have a BLAST!
Little Conner after making his cookies. They get SO dirty but we have to keep our mouths shut and just let them have fun.

Ben and Conner and Jacob had their own dough to play with. It got SO hard with all that flour. Hard to believe since Conner had so much on him huh!

Ben taking a break to pose. Look how involved Abby is. This is SERIOUS business.
Then the BIG kids had their turn.What could they possibly be up to?

Just cookies with in cookies. The starfish from sponge Bob and any other shapes they could come up with.

Check it out!! We moms got to decorate. Thanks to Janna for the amazing convection oven that lets us bake SO MANY. And of course for letting so many people invade your house.

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