Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The boys had a lot of fun this year picking out their pumpkins (we actually only went to the grocery store). Andrew didn't want to cut his this year...just do stickers. He had a lot of fun putting stickers ALL over it! Ben got to help daddy clean out his pumpkin. He wasn't to keen on sticking his hands in, but he did want to make sure that it was good and clean!!

After cleaning out the little pumkin which we actually made dinner in later. The boys helped daddy clean out the BIG pumpkin!

Ben got a little more adventurous this time and actually used his hands to help clean.

He even got to help carve the pumpkin! He thought that was pretty cool!

I guess watching the knife go in and out is pretty fascinating.

After only a few days of sitting on our table, out poor pumpkin began to grow mold! I couldn't believe it only lasted 2 days, it wasn't even outside in the heat!

Our ward had a trunk-or-treat and the boys helped decorate the car. Andrew had a blast running around from car to car and running from friend to friend. Every time I saw him he was with a different group of kids. Then he wanted to just sit and hand out candy.

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