Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting ready for christmas

On Thanksgiving we get to put up our christmas decorations. Which, for the boys means we get to set out the train! They waited ALL day to be able to watch it go around. And after only a few little mishaps it was DONE!!
They were so excited! I can't believe I actually got them to turn around for a picture!

Ben wanted to touch it SO BAD! We had a few days where they would touch it and then that would be it. They learned REAL quick to NOT touch the train. See Andrew gaurding the controls, Ben got to them and the train jumped the track. So he and Bob had a little talk about what he could and could not touch on the controls. They got to run the whistle....NOT the speed. We knew he had it figured out when he told one of his friends VERY FIRMLY "NO TOUCHY TOUCHY!!!"

This is how I would find them most days, just laying around watching the train.

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