Saturday, May 31, 2008


I've been asked to talk about ideas for FHE when you have small children at Enrichment next week. Any ideas? I would like to know what you all do. Please leave me some input!! Thanks!!


aubrey said...

when ava was younger we would do either the primary lesson that her class did the day before or the one they will be doing the following sunday. you can get it on (this could work for kids who are all in junior primary, because they all are taught the same lesson.)

nowadays though, we do our lessons out of the FHE manual.

good luck with your enrichment! i would love to hear what other imput you get!

COMcewens said...

Try here:

The Muries said...

We read the stories out of the friend that are for little kids, Caleb loves them. We also sing the song they are working on that month in primary. Isaac loves to also pick an action song. It becomes pretty fun to watch sometimes. For some reason watching the boys try to do head shoulders knees and toes together is hillarious because they will watch each other and confuse each other at what part they are on. Kids you got to love them.

Eaton Family said...

I've put together a lot of the games from "Gospel Games" (you can get the books at Deseret Book) and the kids love to play them. It gives you ideas of treats and corresponding lessons from different manuals as well. Good luck!