Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thanks Pam!!

I saw this on my friends blog, thought you all might enjoy it, I know my boys are still young, but I know the day will come ALL TO SOON!! please feel free to add on.
I was reading the paper today and came across the re-run of the article, The 8 Simple Rules for Marrying My Daughter (Fireside, 2008) We hear the Father of the girls side. So, as a mother of only sons.. I thought I might counter a few of these rules and show the mother of the boy's prospective. Dedicated to moms of sons everywhere!(PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD ON In the COMMENT section) Who said we need to stop at 8 rules anyway?

Since after all, dating is just a game of "RING AROUND THE FINGER"…. Lets set down a few rules of the game..

Rule 1. (How to Dress) Please don’t dress like a hoochie momma when you go on a date with my son! Dear father of the girl … instead of sitting there talking about how you are going to be cleaning your gun and question my son about his intentions… why not look at your daughter see how she is dressed and then question her about her intentions?
Rule 2.(Calling in A Substitution)There are MANY MANY other girls your age, don’t fool yourself, you CAN be replaced! And, if you are replaced, have some self respect, don’t pull the "I am going to kill myself act". … you know what happens? Believe it or not you don’t get back together; Instead your prize is... a free 3 night stay in the psycho ward!
Rule 3 (GAME OVER)…Just cause you two broke up, this DOES NOT give you license to change my sons character. YOUR friends don’t need to be texting, calling or emailing my son to tell him what you think. Believe it or not.. it doesn’t matter what they think!
Rule 4. (Money, Money ,Money)When dating my teenage son, Please be considerate of his finances when ordering off a menu, he worked hard for that steak and that tank of gas to drive you there!
Rule 5. (The reality check) When you marry my son, REMEMBER-It takes TIME to acquire the things your parents have. He will treat you like a queen, but it will take several years before you move into that dream castle. Keep your expectations in check in the early years for Valentine and Christmas gifts.
Rule 6. (What to call me) You may wonder what to call me. Unlike the article that demands the “boy” call your dad "SIR"… We would prefer you call us mom, not only to our face… but also behind our backs.
Rule 7.(Contract Agreements) The vows you will be taking commit you to be faithful to my son “till death do you part” Be advise if you break that vow, I’ll immediately help expedite second part of that contract!
Rule 8 (Friend or Foe) We can be your BEST ally. .. Or your worst nightmare.. The choice is yours. … Oh and PS I can take your dad….

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