Monday, May 12, 2008

Pirate's Who Don't Do Anything

All the kids wore bandana's and eye patches, it was great because we could see them from a distance at the park and knew who belonged to us!! The kids thought it was pretty great!
For our first shot at decorating, I think we did pretty good, it's definetly NOT as easy as I thought. But Bob did pretty good. From the leftover of Benjamin's cake,we made a small number 1 just for him, Andrew frosted it and decorated it, He still hasn't eaten it yet, he got shy at the party, so tomorrow, on his actual birthday we'll try again.

Last week was the combined birthday party for the boys. Andrew couldn't decide between pirates or Veggie Tales. So,we had a pirates who don't do anything party. The boys had a blast we had it at a park and all though it threatened rain all day, it didn't. YEAH!! We were able to bbq and spend time with friends. I've always thought about making their cakes, but have caved and bought one, not this year. So, together Bob and I made a pirate hat cake, designed after the captain of the Pirate's Who Don't Do Anything, and of course a number 1 hat. We even had a treasure chest pinata. unfortunately I was having more fun video taping and Bob was having fun swinging it for the kids, so no one remembered to take a picture. Oh well, it was fun anyway. Thank you to all who came and made their party a memorable one.

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COMcewens said...

I LOVE the pirate birthday party!!!! You guys are such great parents!!! I love blogs! What a wonderful way to keep in touch! Do any of your boys have your curls? You boys are darling!