Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Now that birthdays are over for awhile in our house, I thought I'd post a few pictures of the fun things we did to celebrate! Bob took the week off, so we had lots of fun together

Bob got the new Mario Kart Wii for his birthday, they ALL have been enjoying it, even Benjamin lovesto get in on the action
Benjamin LOVED his number one cake, it took him a little to get into it, but as you can see, once he did, he REALLY enjoyed himself!
We spent one of the days attempting to fly kites at the park, we weren't to succesful but have since heardo f better places to go, we'll have to give them a try. Andrew enjoyed just running with it anyway.
We went camping at Cascade Park, one of the church owned sites around here, Benjamin wanted to get inonthe action of blowing up the air mattress, he would een go as far as to pull it outof Bob's mouth so he could put his on it, what a little helper!
This is the river by where we camped. Andrew lOVES to throw rocks in it.


Sally Wright said...

You asked when I was at SUU. I was there from 94 - summer of 97. So we were totally there at the same time. Crazy! I was in a performing group, Acclamation. Email me at sallycwright@gmail.com...we can talk Cedar City and figure out if we have common friends/ acquaintances. I LOVE that game.

The Muries said...

Lisa it sounds like you guys had tons of fun. We should try to get togother sometime. It would be fun to watch the boys play together.

candace said...

The one of the 3 of them playing with the wii - too funny!!! :)

Kenna said...

How cute! Ben has so much personality. I love the picture of him driving the Wii car!