Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break

We had Spring Break last week. It went surprisingly well, while Sierra would take her 3 hour naps, the boys were able to play outside on their bikes, swim in the pool, watch movies...really, whatever they wanted to do.

Sierra spent most of her waking hours begging to get in to the pool, playing ball with the boys in the backyard, or escaping into the street! Yes, she has decided that it is fun to run into the street...needless to say...she's not allowed out front very often, she's just TO FAST! She can be down the driveway and half way into the street before I can get to her!

The boys LOVED spending the week in the pool. Some days they only lasted 30 minutes, but a few days they spent an hour or so. They pretty much LIVED in their swimming suits all week. If they weren't swimming, they were playing in the sprinkler or with their pirate ship water table. (which Sierra also loves and also enjoys CLIMBING into it).

What a fun week were able to have. We topped it off with a 'camp out' and a trip to San Jose to spend Easter with Bob's brother Steven and his family. (posts to come)

Such cute boys who LOVE the water!

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The Muries said...

They are getting so big! When we make it to Disneyland we will have to hook up. BTW how are you feeling?