Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sierra's first Birthday!!

I'm finally getting around to posting about Sierra's birthday. I've been trying to get the video of everyone singing to her to upload, but it hasn't been working and I decided it was time to move on. Hopefully we can add it later. So, for's the scoop....Grammy had sent Sierra's presents and they were burning a hole through the box! I couldn't wait for her to open them!!! So, the Sat before her actual birthday we threw her a LAST minute party. It didn't start until around 7, her bed time, but she still enjoyed it. We had our traditional cake, she got a small number 1 and we got cupcakes. She wasn't too sure about all the screaming...yes, they all SCREAM the happy birthday song. Fortunately she's been to enough birthday's lately that it didn't scare her too bad. I stood up to take a pic of some of those that were there and I MISSED IT!!!! See their faces! She put the candle out with her finger!!! You can see Lisa grabbing her hand. Bob got it all on video....she didn't want to touch it again so big brother Ben came to the rescue and helped her blow it out.
She really did enjoy every bite of that cake!
But as you can see was VERY tired by this point and we still hadn't done presents!!
Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the presents. We got her a princess couch. She had been "sharing" Ben's Thomas one, so she LOVED having her own! Along with all the girlie stuff she got too...a stroller, purse and tea set!
Ben decided that he needed to sit with her. She loved every thing she got, she's still exploring this book The Wheels on the Bus.
I think she was done. I love Ben's face in the background..."AGAIN!"
The doll the boys got her quickly changed her mood.
I just LOVE these two pictures!
Sierra's so sweet and we LOVE having her in our family. She follows the boys where ever they go and the LOVE it! They will even play dolls with her!! Ben loves her Tea Set and will rarely share it with her!

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