Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Spring Break

All through spring break we had told the boys that if they could go to bed real good all week and do all the chores I asked of them, we could have a 'campout' in the backyard. Of course, that comes along with getting in the pool while dinner is cooking.

Earlier in the week I had let Sierra soak her feet, well that only led to her wanting to get in ALL the way. So, this evening, daddy obliged his sweet princess. She LOVES the water and can't wait to get in! She didn't want to get out, she kept shoving the towel away and would try to get back in.
Andrew got used to the water pretty quick this year too. Neither of the boys have gone under yet, they say it's just too cold. But they have been happy to just float for a little while.

Ben actually made it off the step tonight! He's been wanting to, but hasn't quite had the courage.

See, it's a good thing daddy was paying attention! We'd tried to get her out, but she promptly tried to get back in!

We ended the evening with tin foil dinners we had cooked in our fire pit, then, because the cold and rain started to move in, the tent was set up in the living room for the boys to sleep in. They LOVED it! In the morning we were off to spend Easter in San Jose!

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