Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our Sweet Sierra

Sierra's now actually 13 months old, so this post is most definitely over due. But that's OK, because she just started doing even more cute things last week. She actually started walking at 11 months. She wasn't as steady and so I was trying to stop her....Silly mom!! Not at all possible. She's now running and loves to chase Ben down the hallway. We can't slow that girl down...except maybe with shoes...which she HATES! We were looking for shoes for the boys and I was trying to find some for her and she was SCREAMING before I could even attempt to put them on her feet. Oh well, she has really fat feet too and so nothing would fit anyway. A few of her favorite things: being outside and getting as dirty as she can. wandering into the street!!! Yeah, we have to keep a VERY close eye on her out front. being a girl...she loves her dolls and stroller and any thing pink, yet she's also in love with balls and loves to play cars with Ben. She'll even make a driving sound:) Her latest and greatest words/phrases: saying "tickle tickle tickle" and tickling your belly, or putting her feet on the table so you can tickle them for her; "Scooby dooby doo!!" At the breakfast table the other day, she just said it over and over! And looks at Ben (his latest guessed it, scooby doo and going up to people and saying "scooby dooby doooo!!!" She also says "MaMa" and "DaDa" and "MaMaMa" said with the inflection of banana...meaning she wants her favorite fruit...the BANANA!!! When she wants to know where someone is, she'll stand at the opening to the hall and yell "AHH" and look for whomever it is....generally Ben since they're the one's home together all day. When daddy walks in from work, he's not allowed to put her down. She's definitely a daddy's girl...just like my boys have always been. They'd rather be with their dad, I love it! She loves to color and can find a pen, a pencil or crayon ANYWHERE! But will walk around the house until she finds some paper to color on. WHEW!! Except lately it's been books, so we've been trying to teach her the difference between a coloring book and a reading book. Sierra is a true joy to have. I'm sure I've missed some of her cuteness, but will just have to record it later. We love you Sierra and are so happy that you're a part of our family.

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The Bertagnoles said...

Such a cute Blog Lisa!!! I love the pictures of the fire station on here too!!! Ok, so maybe Sierra can come teach Mason to walk? he still won't do it poor kid!!! oh well. Less bumps on the head for now. :)