Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Andrew started t-ball last night. He LOVED it! We're enjoying it too, watching a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds try to follow directions.:) They are all too cute!! Benjamin really got into the action too. He liked watching the kids run the bases. Andrew started at first base, after this, I thought oh, no, we have a dandelion picker. He was just bored because no one was hitting the ball to him. But he did really good at doing what his coach asked him too.
Then he got to hit!!! This of course was the BEST part!! He did well and hit the ball everytime.

He really liked to play second base because that's where the ball was hit. All the kids would run to the ball and then run back to there position before throwing it back to the coach. I was proud of him, he really hustled. There was a little boy that came with his own bat, and helmet and everything in a baseball bag, and he would dominate running for the ball, but Andrew didn't give up, he got right in there to try and catch it.

Running for home. The coach had them keep the helmet on, and it must have been pretty heavy because they all ran funny.


Jess to the Lo said...

SO CUTE!!! They look weird with that huge helmet on!

The Muries said...

That is awesome!!! How fun for your family. Enjoy.

Kenna said...

Andrew is growing up so quickly. I love watching little boys play T-ball! Lot's funner than a Mariner's game.

Elizabeth C said...

How cute is he with his little bat and helmet!! Yah, that is so funny that Amy & Andy are your cousins and with Becky and Dave and us all in the same ward, what a small world, especially in the church. We'd all love to have you guys come and visit! That would be lots of fun. We need to come and visit you guys too sometime when we're up in that area.

COMcewens said...

This is just the beginning of many WONDERFUL years watching the boys play!!

WHAT cute pictures!!!!