Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Last week my family came to visit. My parents and Connor arrived on Tuesday night. Then on Wednesday we headed to the Seattle temple for a primary tour, sorry, no pics of the temple, they were doing construction on the spire and cleaning angel Moroni. We had so much fun when my parents were here, that these are just pictures from day 1!!

Benjamin and Kylie McKinnon too cute!! Buds since the day they were born, they're only 5 days apart

Andrew's primary, I think Benjamin was DONEThe boys in front of the templeGrandma and Grandpa with ALL their grandkidsAfter we went to the temple, we picked up Bob and went to pick strawberries and raspberries, Benjamin enjoyed the tractor..."WOW" Andrew was very proud of the strawberries he picked
Benjamin's favorite was when Bob would pick a raspberry, he would giggle and clap his hands

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures of the impromptu Pack family reunion

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COMcewens said...

WHATA fun day!!! Too bad your mom was so far back in the picture!!