Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day

I know I'm a day late, but yesterday I just didn't get around to it. Around to telling Bob that he is a GREAT dad. He is so patient and loving and the boys just RUN to him whenever he gets home from work. I LOVE it!! I definetly have daddy's boys. They love being around him, on him, under him, just plain being near him. I'm sure it gets to be a lot, especially after a longday at work, but he doesn't mind, he says he would rather be at home with us than at work anyway. I'm glad. Yesterday, Bob had meetings before church! I know! It was fathers day and they still had their meetings. Andrew kept telling him that he didn't want him to go, that he needed to stay home. That he misses him when he goes to his meetings and to work. Then, on the way to church Bob was reminding Andrew to sing real good so that he could hear him. Oh did he ever! You know that one child that sings their heart out and they're about the ONLY one you can hear and they're off tune and don't know the words? Well, that's Andrew!! Minus the off tune and not knowing the words part. He sang his little heart out. I was so proud of him! I almost messed up the songs they were singing. But I know he brought a smile to peoples faces. Especially Bob's and that's whar Matters. We Love you Bob, you're the BEST daddy!!!!

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Heather said...

Lisa! Of Course I remember you! I found your blog today too and was going to write you! How fun that your in Washington! We are in NY! Crazy world huh?1