Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Point Defiance

Bob took friday off and so, since we really haven't been south of Seattle yet, we decided to venture that way, we headed to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, about an hour and half from our place. Because I had heard so many good things about it, I had high hopes. Never again will I expect so much from a place. For the price we paid, It was TINY it only took us 2 hours to walk around the place and we saw some animals twice. We did get to see some sharks and walruses and beluga whales, so that I guess was pretty cool, Andrew says his favorite part was the sharks, I must admit,they were pretty cool, I've never seen a shark that close before. To salvage our trip, we took the long way home and rode on a ferry, that always brightens the day, I don't know why it's so much fun, but we always seem to enjoy the ride, maybe it's the view of Seattle as you're pulling in to port. I've included some pictures, thy're not the best because the battery was dying and so we'dhave to turn the camera on, takea quick picture and turn it off, no waiting for the boys to pose. Enjoy!!


Jenn Borland said...

That looks like fun. Is it like the aquarium here in Denver, but with the boats and everything?

Borland family said...

I've never been to the aquarium in Denver, so I don't know. It was supposed to be a zoo too, with elephants and tigers and everything, but it wasn't very big.The ferry was totally seperate, it was just how we got home. If you go anywhere west of here, you have to take a ferry to get there, it's just part of their commuting system, pretty cool