Friday, February 22, 2008


Big Happy Ben!!! Benjamin had his 9 month check up yesterday. He was not happy about it. He's going through that stranger anxiety and so did NOT like the doctor messing with him. But he's doing GREAT! He's 28 1/2 inches and only 22 lbs!! He's actually lost weight and it's not from lack of food, he's just very active. At least he didn't have to have any shots, that was a nice surprise. Benjamin is my curious one, he loves to explore. He is now crawling on his hands and knees now, no more camo crawling. With the new height he's found that ne can reach new things and has now begun to pull himself up and cruise around the furniture!! We used to be able to play with Andrew on the couch and we'd be out of the way of Benjamin. Not any more!! What Benjamin loves... eating! If there's food, he'll eat it and if you don't share, he cries. Just the other day I was eating a cinnamon roll and he saw it, but because it was still hot I gave him a graham cracker. Bad move mom. He threw a HUGE fit! Needless to say as soon as the cinnamon roll cooled, he ate most of it. He also loves music, his favorite toys are those that make music and those that belong to Andrew. Whenever an upbeat song comes on the radio Benjamin starts dancing. I Love it!! Whenever Andrew sings, Benjamin dances. It's a lot of fun. Benjamin found the other day that he likes to play with doors, especially if someone is on the other side, he'll close it just slightly and then open it and laugh. He used to crawl into the kitchen to find crumbs, well, he still does but I've been much better at making sure there are none, so he likes to play with the heating vent, but we've covered that because it's so hot! So, now with no crumbs and no vent to play with, he's realized that there are cupboards and they open and close, then today he found that there's stuff inside the cupboards!! I went into the kitchen looking for him and found the tupperware on the floor. Andrew used to follow behind me and close all the doors and drawers, Benjamin goes around now and opens them. His other favorite thing today is play with the laundry, he loves pulling it OUT of the laundry basket. He is a very sweet boy and makes us laugh everyday. He LOVES Andrew and thinks he is the greatest thing on earth and follows him all over the house.

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Elizabeth C said...

What a little cutie! Sounds like he is a busy little man already! How fun!!