Tuesday, March 25, 2008


With St. Patricks day, Spring and Easter all happening in the same week, we decided to have some fun, After the fun we had on St. PAtricks day, we decided to continue it, first we made caterpillars, Andrew was so proud of his...
Then, we colored Easter eggs, that's always a lot of fun
Then of course on Easter, we had an Easter egg hunt, even Benjamin got into the joy of finding eggs, he'd follow Andrew around and get the ones on the floor that he missed, I had anticipated this and I'm glad I did and put goldfish crackers in the ones on the floor, Benjamin thought it was pretty fun to open an egg and eat what was inside...He's STILL finding eggs inhis toys that we missed.
It was so warm last week that we even headed off to the park! We've been taking advantage of the warm days, hopefully the rain will stay away.

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