Monday, January 21, 2008

The Sweetest Thing!!

Picture it... Sunday morning, Bob and I stayed up WAY to late the night before playing Mario Party, church doesn't start until 11:30, even better, Bob's meetings don't start until 9:30. Benjamin's asleep in our bed (he's been sick so he spent a lot of the night with us) Andrew has come in to snuggle and wait for everyone to wake up. The MOMENT Benjamin starts waking up I hear Andrew lean over to Bob and ask "Can you and me and Benjamin go make breakfast for mommy?" With smile, I silently listen as they debate over what to make, blueberry pancakes YUMMMM!!!Then proceed to the kitchen to make them. I love being close to the kitchen because I got to hear the WHOLE process. Andrew dragging the chair across the kitchen floor so he can help. Yelling across the kitchen to daddy that he stirred the mix and it was ready. Then, the debate as to where mommy was to eat. It had been decided, not to long later Andrew appears at my bedside with a plate of pancakes. I ask him if Ican eat in the kitchen with him and he replies "no, you eat in here and sleep" Well, I convinced him I would be lonely all by myself in bed so I would eat with him, it actually took some time before he would agree. He is the sweetest little boy. What a perfect way to start the day.

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