Tuesday, January 29, 2008

FiRst SNoW!!

It snowed yesterday for the first time this winter. At least enough snow that we could actually go outside and play in it. So, of course we did and it was Benjamins first experience with snow. He loved it!! He didn't even mind crawling around in it he actually thought it was pretty fun. He didn't really like the snow ball fight Andrew and I had together though. He cried when ever we threw a snow ball at each other.


The Galan Family said...

Hey Borland Family!

Good to hear from you. Looks like you guys are doing great! Your boys are adorable. Keep in touch.

Bethany and Terry said...

Of course we remember you! Two boys now, good work. They are cuties. How are your mom and dad?

I am glad you found our blog. How did you make the connection?

Hope you are enjoying WA. I lived in Tri-Cities, Kennewick for several years...loved it!

Have a great weekend, good to hear from you.