Monday, January 7, 2008

Andrew's a Sunbeam!

Yesterday Andrew went to primary for the FIRST time! He was pretty excited! I was wondering how he would do because I'm in there but he did really well. Of course the sunbeams are alwaya a little awe struck when they first enter primary and this group was no exception. There are only three of them and the other two just barely turned 3 so, other than Andrew it's a pretty young group. I was pretty impressed though, they sang when they knew the songs and satand listened to the teacher. Of course they only stayed for the first 15 minutes or so, just long enough for singing time. When asked what he did in primary he'll tell you that they sang 'his songs' and that he was VERY good and didn't hit. We'll see how next week goes but so far he LOVES primary!


Elizabeth C said...

I know the feeling, Ethan had his first day as a Sunbeam too!! I am not sure if he's too thrilled about leaving his sister in Nursery, but he seems to like it. He just turned 3 in Sept. So he's pretty young!

Jenn Borland said...

what a BIG boy! He's gonna be the best sunbeam!