Monday, June 18, 2012

its great to be 8!!!

What a fantastic year this is! Andrew turned 8!! We had a small party at home. Just us! Then Andrew and I went to see The Music Man at the stake center. Daddy was helping with the stage crew and Andrew's primary teacher from last year was playing the part of Harold Hill. We had a fantastic time! We were even able to take Hopelan Bywater with us, and sit with our friends Amber and Evelyn Waite. I forgot to take a picture.

This year...
 his favorite color is BLUE
he wants to be a BULLET TRAIN DRIVER when he grows up
favorite song on the piano LITTLE SHOOTING STAR

You're growing up so fast Andrew! I'm so proud of the young man you're becoming! Can't wait to see what the year has in store for you!

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The Muries said...

I can't believe our boys will be baptized this year. Where has the time gone? I must say that cake looks good. What is on it?