Monday, June 18, 2012


We always enjoy coloring easter eggs and it's always more fun with friends!
 Ben with his eggs
 Just so Daniel doesn't wonder where he was during all the fun....he was playing with Penny
 Sierra really got into the egg coloring too! I was surprised! I only boiled her a few thinking she wouldn't really care. Next year I'll remember and boil her a lot too.
 My attempt to take pictures of everyone. We have the boys table....Preston Waite, Timathy Bywater, Ben and Andrew.
 And, the girls... Evelyn Waite, Lacy Bywater, Hanna Bywater, Hopelan Bywater (hiding)

Sunday was pretty bright!

After church we had a little egg hunt...again, just so Daniel doesn't wonder why there are no pics of him. He spent the time here watching the kids run around the yard.

all in all....a great easter, quiet and peaceful...just the way I like it.

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