Sunday, May 27, 2012

Look daddy! No cast!!

Yup! She's done it again...Sierra broke her arm. On a monday in April she was swinging on our hammock. I say ON because it's not very high off the ground, she was laying on it on her belly, pushing with her feet. She says her feet caught and she fell backward. I had my back turned and heard a thud...spun around and she was on the ground. I thought she hit her head. I picked her up and snuggled her and gave her kisses, but she wasn't going on her way. She finnaly mentioned that her arm hurt. Ya think!! This is what I saw...
 This all happened around 9AM, A friend was on her way over to play, so she took Ben and Daniel to her house and Sierra and I headed to urgent care. We ended up being very blessed, I didn't realize that not all urgent cares have xray machines, the one we went to did. I was home by 2 and called the orthopedic Dr. Again we were blessed, the orthopedic Dr. I called this time is pretty hard to get in to, by the time I got someone on the phone, they were thinking that MAYBE I would hear back later that day to set up something for the next day or so. I got a call back QUICK! I was in their office by 3:30! Unfortunatley, it was bad enough that they needed to do surgery.  Bob and Sierra sat in the ER FOREVER waiting for a bed on the pediatric floor. She was in a room by 9...4 hours after getting there, and we were even just there to be admitted! She had her surgery at 7 the next morning and she was home just after lunch. As crazy as it was, I also see the Lords hand in it all, most of it was quick, the only meds she had was the anestiesia they gave her when they set her arm, and some tylenol when that medicine wore off. Such a strong little girl.
 Here she is showing off her cast and sling.  Didn't slow her down a bit!
 When we went back a week later for a post op visit, they gave her a pink cast!
then, Last Monday, may 21st we went for a check up for Sierras arm. They told us that they would probably have to put another one on, something lighter, for a few more weeks. When we got there, the dr took a look at the X-ray and said "whoa!" she's healed! Yay!!! So, just four short weeks after her initial break, her cast came off!!

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