Sunday, May 27, 2012

Date night with Andrew

Last night for Andrews birthday we went to see The Music Man being put on by our stake. Bob's been helping with set changes so we dropped the younger ones with a sitter and off Andrew and I went. I let him bring a friend, he brought his friend hopelan. ( I forgot to get a pic of them together) we had a lot of fun and say with oter friends. They enjoyed singing along and dancing to the music. I think they all loved it too because the lead was bro Jensen, who has been their primary teacher at some point. Just an amazing man all around. Andrew left his class with a new love for the scriptures and a desire to study them!
It was a great night for all of us! A great birthday for Andrew. When we saw bro Jensen after, the first thing he said to Andrew was happy birthday! How awesome!! He had so much going on, so many people around him wanting to talk and he remembered that it was andrews birthday. That meant a lot:)

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