Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Christmas story

Just before Christmas the kids were able to participate in the Christmas Story. One of the YW put it together for one of her YW projects. They worked on it for several weeks before performing it for the parents on the 23rd.
Sierra was an angel, along with Amy Jensen, Ashlan Phillips, Gillian Ellsworth, Sara Jensen, Aubrey Miller and Mia Thomlinson.
Here's Andrew as a wise man with Conner Peterson and Jacob Miller
Our Little Shepherd Ben!
Sierra got her cast put on just a few days before the performance, here she is showing it off. I'm also glad I whipped together this angel costume, her arm wouldn't fit through the arm of the dress she was supposed to wear.Angel Gabriel (Davin Peterson) telling the shepherds about the birth of Jesus
Our Angels Sierra's hiding, she didn't even want to go on stage, she was crying just before this.
The shepherds visiting baby Jesus (Daniel)Andrew proclaiming they're going to see the baby Jesus.
Wise Men visiting the baby Jesus
the cast visiting the baby Jesus....shepherds shepherding the shepherds and angels.
Mary (Abby Phillips) Joseph (Brayden Peterson) baby Jesus (Daniel) Star (MacKensie Peterson)

MacKensie, Austin, Sierra

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