Thursday, January 19, 2012


Christmas around our house is actually pretty relaxing. We have the kids who don't get up early...we generally have to wake them up. Our kids are also the type who like to play with a toy after they open them. It takes ALL day to get Christmas done at our house. In fact this year, the tree was down before the presents were all opened. Most of those were Sierra's due to her afternoon nap.
We let them play with the Santa toys before breakfast and church. Then we headed to church for an hour, came home and let them open everything else.
Daniels stocking was full of Angry Birds. he LOVES them, they're just the right size for him to chew on.

The mass chaos that was our living room. You can't even see Andrew, he's buried behind all the wrapping paper!
Sierra's favorite this year...a doll with a binkie and cup, and a cradle for her doll to sleep in. She carries the doll with her everywhere and they both have to have their binkies and cups at bedtime. Ben really enjoyed her doll and cradle too:)

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