Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swimming lessons

Attempting a back float.
Ben got to play in the kiddie pool while Andrew was taking lessons.

Andrew's teacher attempting to get him UNDER the water.
After going under the water.

See, not overly excited about swimming lessons.

When we moved here and we realized HOW many swimming pools there are, we decided it was time for Andrew to learn how to swim. He enjoyed the first few days, then, by the 4th day, it was kicking and screaming to get him in the pool. What was so cute though was that on the Thursday I asked Andrew if he would like to say a prayer to help him be calm and not be afraid to go under the water. So, everyday after that, when ever we'd pull into the parking lot, Ben would fold his arms and say "prayer". He figured we needed to say a prayer before every swimming lesson. SO CUTE!!!

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