Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Little Bit of Christmas

This is how we spent the few days before christmas. The boys and I flew to Colorado early and this is what we did... Visited Santa at the BLM where my dad works

Spent a day visiting the train museum and enjoyed climbing ALL over the trains.

Andrew and my mom put together a ginger bread train. He wanted his to look JUST like the box. Friday night Bob flew in and we spent Sunday with his family decorating gingerbread houses.

Andrew got his own little one made of graham crackers. So FUN!! Thanks mom!

We even got to spend the day before Christmas Eve with my parents riding the light rail ALL over Denver. The boys thought it was SOOOO Fun! Well, Andrew did, Benjamin was done about 5 minutes into the 20 minute ride, oh well.
Then Christmas Eve morning while setting up the AMAZING dinner table with Bob's mom, we realized we needed one more childrens house...we HAD to make things even you know, so, Benjamin got to make one as well. He really enjoyed himself, i was amazed at how well he did. He especially liked to suck on the candy and THEN put it on the house, in turn coloring the icing whatever color the candy was. Check out that TABLE!!Yes, those are candy trains for name plates, 21 to be exact. Can you see all the cool ginger bread houses! What a FUN tradition!!
Just a ramdom cute picture of Benjamin. He found a book and decided the perfect place to read it was hanging out with Grammy in the kitchen while she did dishes.
We hada great Christmas and I will post more later. This is just the beginning!!

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