Monday, December 8, 2008

Celebrating Christmas

Last Saturday was the Puyallup Christmas parade and ward christmas party. Sorry, no pictures, we were running late to the parade and I left it in the car. Because we were late, our spots weren't that great, or so I thought. They had the parade participants coming in from three different directions, we were standing at the intersection these places. The boys LOVED it! We happened to be where the floats come out. Benjamin was in AWE of the colorful floats. And we could see all the cars driving onto the parade route. The boys thought it was pretty exciting. We wanted to stand at the beginning so that we could see Santa before heading over to the ward christmas party. But, the parade was running late and so we had to leave early, but guess where we parked! Right by where the Fire truck ws bringing in Sanra. I was SAVED! Andrew still got to see Santa. Then it was on to the ward christmas party. We had a very enjoyable time. And, instead of Santa, they had the three wisemen. According to the MC, in Mexico santa doesn't bring the presents, the 3 wisemen bring the gifts. The children got to sit and listen to the story of the wisemen and then meet them and recieve some treats. It was WONDERFUL! In fact, yesterday I was reading the story of the wisemen to Andrew, and he recognized the story! YEAH!!


Jess to the Lo said...

That's a neat tradition, of no Santa at the Christmas party but the three wise men. How did the older, around 5-7 age group, handle the no Santa?

The Muries said...

that is what they do in the ward that our house is in. my parents ward, where we are now does santa. Amy found a place to rent and it is in the ward we will be back to next year when my parents come back.