Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A busy week

So far we are really happy here. Last tuesday we had the first assistant to the High Priests come by with one of the missionaries, then on Wed the missionaries stopped by again. And on Thurs day, the lady that lives across the street, who's LDS, stopped by to introduce herself and welcome us. Then the RS pres and one of her counselors came by. WOW!!! I have never had so many people come by! Then on Sat. was the ward party. We had a lot of fun and got to meet new people. So many people would come up and say hi and introduce themselves. It was AWESOME! Bob is here taking over the director position at Good Samaritan hospital and the old director also happens to be LDS and we're in the same ward. So, people knew we were coming. It was so great! By Sunday, more people knew who we were then we knew! How great! I was worried that, because we're only here temporarily, that we wouldn't have chance to make any friends. The Hill's ( the old director) have already done that for us. It's GREAT! Our prayers have been answered. We love our house, lots of room to spread out and as soon as it's all put together, I'll take pictures. But for now, here are some pictures from the halloween party and the pumpkin patch. enjoy!
Yesterday we went to a local pumpkin patch when Bob got off work and the boys had fun searching for the right pumpkin.

Trying to get them all to look was pointless.

Benjamin thought this was the coolest thing, we didn't even have to coax him, he walked right over and stuck his head in.

They had a barn full of fun activities for the kids and some baby animals.

Andrew enjoyed racing the ducks with the water pump

And of course, they even had pumpkin slingshots! They HAD to give it a try


McEwens said...

Pumpkin sling shots!!! LOVE IT!!!

Borland family said...

I thought you would. Bob wants to find out where they got their materials so that he can make one. Any ideas for sling shot material?

Jason and Tiffany said...

Thats sooo cool. What an awesome place with great ideas. AND it doesn't look crowded (that, to me, is the Best part!!) I love their costumes!

The Borlands said...

Love the costumes! I love the cape on Ben's. super cute! Happy Halloween

candace said...

What fun! Love the kids in their costumes! :)