Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Yesterday Bob and ABO took a few of the girls to girls camp and so BBO and i got to hang out together. We had SO much fun playing with the balls in the bucket. I wish you could here him laughing. Here though he's saying Cheese, his newest word when he sees the camera. Thanks to Leauna. I know there's a lot of pics but I couldn't decide which I liked best. So, enjoy

These last few are of him laughing. He really gets himself going, and it's so funny!!
His new favorite thing is to run at Abo and 'tackle' him then start laughing and run away.


COMcewens said...

I LOVE all the pictures!!! WHAT A CUTIE!!!!!!!!

jlbunting.com said...

Cute pictures. I found someone we both know. Tell Bobby to check out this blog. Does he remember Nathan? http://the-coffeys.com/