Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Early birthday present

The boys in their new wagon!
Andrew playing the drums in the African village

Saturday was a beautiful day and so we decided to start, or continue, celebrating the boys' birthdays. We went and bought a wagon and then headed to the zoo. The boys LOVED riding around the zoo in the wagon. They ask everyday if we can go on a walk. Too bad the weather hasn't been to good, hopefully today will be better.


Sally Wright said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. I enjoy looking at your blog. Your family is so adorable. I am a little jealous that you get to live in Washington. I love that state. Enjoy the little red wagon...we adore ours!

The Muries said...

The wagon idea is great. Too bad they don't make them for all the kids we keep having. The boys are adorable.

Shannon Martino said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for commenting on our blog. Your kids are adorable!

Kenna said...

Hey - we can't wait for the pirate party. Hope all is well!