Monday, April 14, 2008

Colorado Fun!!!

We've really been enjoying our trip to Colorado, I've been trying to keep the boys busy so that they don't miss home too much, but we do miss daddy, hopefully he'll have some neat pictures of Alaska!!
Benjamin loved the butterflys at the butterfly Pavilion. He just sat and watched and watched...
Andrew's really into space and here he is pretending to drive a space shuttle
Andrew and his cousin Dylan have been having fun playing in Grammy's pillows
Benjamin thinks that Grandma and Grandpa's wagon is super COOL!!

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lpack1 said...

The new pics are really cute! If you can send me some copies or email. It was alot of fun seeing you guys! I wish you were closer. Love ya all Leauna

Did you hear all about the fire at Bear Creek and the kids being out of school? Crazy