Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Well, now that I've figured outhow to post pictures! This should be a breeze!! I'll give ya'll an update on the boys. Andrew is so smart! He counted to 100 the other day. We were driving home from taking Bob to work and he was counting the trains he just kept counting! He used to stop at 29 and ask what was next and then stop at 39 and ask what was next and so on, but a few weeks ago, he just didn't stop! Benjamin is doing the camo crawl and getting into EvEry THing!! He's found the presents under the table that our tree sits on, and even if you block his way to them and try to hide them, he knows they are there and yesterday he got stuck between the rocking chair and the table trying to get to them. Uh oh!! He likes the shiny wrapping paper. Andrew is so ExCiteEd for christmas! Every timeit snows, he says it's christmas and time to open presents! Christmas day will be so fun this year. As sad as we are to not beable to be with everyone this year, we're just as excited to have our own little christmas and take ALL day if we want. So ExCiTinG!!!!

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