Monday, October 22, 2012


We took the annual trip to the corn maze
I think Ben was enjoying getting lost, what do you think?

Daddy, Daniel and Sierra

 Andrew and Ben trying to find their way out
 Sierra's costume for the Peterson Halloween party, with the token V for victory sign for USC
 Heading off the the party...see, she thinks she needs to do it when ever she wears her cheerleader outfit. The boys wanted to be ninjas, but were only allowed the masks at the Petersons
 Daniel, our pirate parrot
 Princess Sierra and Princess MacKensie at the ward trunk-or-treat which is held ON Halloween
 Daniel enjoying his haul, I love this age at Halloween, it always takes a few cars before they catch on, and when they do, there's NO stopping them
 Andrew always goes around a few times and then enjoys sitting and handing out candy.
 Ben coming to dump his loot so that he can go again
 Makensie Peterson, Ethan Miller, Sierra, and Austin Bankhead...what fun friends! Sierra asks for them often.

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