Friday, November 30, 2012

A few fun pics of Daniel from the Fall

Daniel is just SO cute! We love taking pictures of him. Here are some from the past few months.
I had to capture his curls. I LOVE THEM!! I have yet to cut them, Andrews never came back the same, so I'm holding on with dear life to these.

 Sierra INSISTING that she can feed Daniel his yogurt....
 Learning to feed himself and just being cute
 he LOVES popcorn and found Bob's leftovers from the night before and decided he'd eat it for proud of himself.
 He stole a package from under the Christmas tree, usually he just runs around with it laughing and smiling, this time he climbed onto the couch and this is what I found.....I guess he'd decided that holding it was no longer good enough.
 Enjoying his Cutie orange, attempting to hide it from any scavengers (aka Sierra)
 SO mad that I wouldn't give him anymore
 Just another typical happy picture of our little guy enjoying grandmas blueberry muffins, I guess I did pretty good!

attempting to eat cereal with a serving fork. He saw it on the counte and BEGGED for it

 making christmas cookies at the Petersons with Lisa Miller
 Helping to bring groceries in from the garage! SO BIG!!!

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