Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Daniel James Borland

On August 18, 2011 I headed to the dr's office DETERMINED that I was going to be sent to the hospital to be induced. Well, things didn't happen that way. There were no openings until Sat and so that was the soonest they could get me in.
With how sad I was, I resolved that I would just go home and enjoy the next few days, at least he'd be born before school started and that was what I really wanted.
Because my back was hurting, I decided I'd swim and relax and spend the time with my parents and the kids. I survived making dinner although my back was hurting off and on ( i attributed it to gas pains). Then after dinner the pains were getting stronger, I was beginning to wonder if maybe they weren't gas. Could they REALLY be contractions?!?!? The boys wanted to play a game, so Bob and I sat down at the table and played some Cars 2 Monopoly. All the while I kept checking out the clock. About every 5 minutes I would have pain in my back. But they weren't very consistent.
After the game Bob tried to put Sierra down for bed and she ABSOLUTELY refused. SO not like her. The boys were a little out of control and the whole evening looked like it was going to be a LONG night. My back was still hurting off and on and I was in NO mood to deal with the kids. I climbed on our bed and watched the clock with Sierra sitting with me watching tv. Bob was with the boys TRYING to get them to calm down and go to bed.
Around 7:30

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