Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Santa Monica

This summer we were able to spend some time at the beach. A few friends were heading down and so we deicided to join them. I'm SO glad that we did. We went to Santa Monica, only about 2 hours from our house. The boys had a BLAST playing in the sand!
Abby and Ashlan decided to bury the boys. I must say I was surprised they went for it!During one of our trips the older boys spent their time digging holes. They were HUGE!! Andrew and Ben wanted to spend most of their time just hanging out in them.
The girls were enjoying being silly and posing for the camera.
Both boys couldn't get enough of chasing the waves. They thought it was THE BEST!!!
Just in case you were wonderin why there were no pictures of Sierra...The first time she cried almost the whole time, this time...she slept! That's what happens when your brothers LOVE something...we go to the beach anyway!

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