Saturday, August 14, 2010


At the end of June, Bob's grandma passes away which meant a trip to Hemet for a memorial service. This just the day after we has seen Jen and her kids in Los Banos and Connor march with the Troopers in Clovis. That's right after a late night Friday night, we got back in the car and drove down to Hemet to pay our respects to Grandma Phyllis Borland. This of course meant a visit from Bob's parents!! We were lucky enough too to have them then drive the 2 hours up to Bakersfield to spend Sunday and Monday with us.
Sunday was spent lounging and playing games with a concert given to us by Andrew. He's been taking piano lessons and it actually really good!
Monday was spent lounging by the pool and enjoying the sunshine. And OF COURSE riding the waves that daddy loves to make in the pool. Sierra enjoys just floating around in her floaty and soaking up the fresh air.
Andrew and Ben wanted to show off what they had learned in swimming lessons. Andrew had to show that that he could now jump from the side of the pool! NOT something he would do when they had been here just a month before. He was also thrilled to shoe them that he was OK with putting his face in the water, ANOTHER huge accomplishment.

We sure love having family come and visit. It was an unfortunate situation but we know that Grandma is happy now and is with Grandpa.
Friends and family are ALWAYS welcome at our house we LOVE having visitors!!

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