Monday, June 7, 2010

Family fun

A few nights ago Andrew was brushing his teeth and Sierra and I were hanging out in the bathroom with him. He missed his teeth and brushed his nose, he started to laugh and then so did Sierra. Of course this really got him going so he proceeded to miss and she kept laughing. Then, with toothpaste on his face he looked at her and she started to laugh, then he would laugh, then she would laugh. It was pretty funny and the first time she had laughed. We tried to get her to laugh for us again the next day. He got a few out of her, and since our video camera's broken, I tried to get a few shots of her laughs.
Last week we went to check on the boys and this is what we found. Ben doesn't stay in one place very well. It's not uncommon to see him curled up at the foot of their bed, or turned around completely. He's a pretty crazy sleeper, good thing Andrew's a deep sleeper.


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Pancake said...

Cute Cute pictures Lisa!!! your kids are darling!