Monday, March 15, 2010

Sierra's first few days at home

I decided that before Sierra got to much bigger, I had better document her royal highness. I also don't want to get to far behind. The boys LOVE her, they always fight over who gets to hold her. The other day I had Andrew hold her on the couch while I took a shower, when I get out I heard her crying so I went to check on them. Poor Andrew was also in tears. He's so sensitive and was so sad because he couldn't console her. What a great big brother. Ben LOVES to give her kisses, sometimes those kisses are's his favorite way to give kisses, so we have to watch him to make sure he gives her real kisses, NOT licks.
Patiently waiting to go home. We were lucky enough to take her home less than 24 hours after she was born. I was ready within 12. i just wanted to get home and get on with life, and I missed my boys. I figured i could recuperate at home. Lucky for us, we were home in time for dinner. Ben didn't want to stop holding her and go to bed. When he finally did head off to bed, he didn't want to go to sleep.He was worried she wouldn't be here when he woke up.

Sierra's been so good so far. She LOVES her sleep and doesn't like being messed with.She actually seems to sleep better when it's loud...good thing, she has two REALLY loud brothers. The boys just LOVE her to pieces and fight over who gets to hold her.



Pancake said...

Lisa, She is SOOOOOOOOO cute! Congrats!

kristenita said...

So sweet! I hope she has big, cute eyes like her adorable big brothers. That's so sweet how much they're into her. Wow for you leaving the hospital so fast!!
Congrats & rest/recover.