Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poor Ben

About a week and a half ago...Conference Sunday, we were getting ready to take the boys for a walk, and Ben got his finger pinched in the door of the car. OUCH!! I've been meaning to take a picture of it for a while now, and decided we really should document it for posterity sake. This is what it looks like now. Bob went ahead and cut the nail back. We're wondering if it's going to fall off all together. He tells me several times a day that his finger doesn't hurt anymore. Which is good I guess...He does have a tendency to play with it. Which of course grosses me OUT!!! I have a hard time just looking at his finger, it all looks so painful!


The Muries said...

I once got my thumb slammed in the door of my dad's truck when I was a kid. I remember it hurting for a bit but now it has dents in it where it was slammed, even when it grows out longer the white area has dents in it. Crazy huh?

David said...
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